16th Century Drawings

  • Abraham BLOEMAERT

    Drapery Study of a Seated Figure

  • Andrea BOSCOLI

    Two Studies of a Flayed Male Nude, after Pietro Francavilla

  • Andrea BOSCOLI

    Judith Preparing to Visit Holofernes

  • Domenico CAMPAGNOLA

    Landscape with a Mill

  • Agostino CARRACCI

    God the Father

  • Alessandro CASOLANI

    Study of an Angel

  • Alessandro CASOLANI

    Two Studies of a Winged Putto

  • Bartolomeo CESI

    A Young Man Wearing Pantaloons

  • Pietro FACCINI

    Study of a Seated Youth, Leaning to the Right

  • Paolo FARINATI

    The Virgin and Child with Saints Catherine of Alexandria and John the Baptist, with Two Donors Below

  • Pierfrancesco FOSCHI

    The Virgin and Child with the Infant Saint John the Baptist

  • Hendrick GOLTZIUS

    Pluto, after Polidoro da Caravaggio


    Design for a Stained-Glass Window: Saint Jerome in the Desert with the Annunciation Above, and a Kneeling Donor and a Coat of Arms Below

  • Alessandro MAGANZA

    Two Allegorical Figures (Bacchus and Ariadne?)


    Study for a Massacre of the Innocents: A Roman Soldier with a Mother and Child [recto]; A Group of Draped Women and Children [verso]

  • Giovanni Battista NALDINI

    A Standing Male Nude, Holding onto a Ring and Looking Upwards

  • Avanzino NUCCI

    The Marriage of the Virgin

  • Lelio ORSI

    The Rape of Ganymede


    Soldiers Attacking the Defenders of a Walled City


    A Sheet of Figure Studies with the Virgin or a Female Saint, A Man Kneeling Before a Saint, and Several Figures Before a Lion

  • Piero Buonacorsi, PERINO DEL VAGA

    Caesar on the River Aoös

  • Biagio PUPINI

    The Coronation of the Virgin with Saint John the Baptist, God the Father Above

  • Cristoforo RONCALLI

    A Kneeling Male Nude


    A Standing Male Nude

  • Jan van der Straet STRADANUS

    Saint John the Evangelist