17th Century Drawings

  • Giovanni BALDUCCI

    The Visitation [recto]; Sketch for The Visitation and a Design for its Frame and the Altar Chapel Facade [verso]

  • Marcantonio BASSETTI

    A Triumphal Procession with Prisoners and Horsemen Before a Chariot Bearing a Conqueror Crowned by Fame

  • Marcantonio BASSETTI

    A Triumphal Procession with Musicians Before a Chariot and Horsemen Behind

  • Abraham BLOEMAERT

    Drapery Study of a Seated Figure

  • Pedro Atanasio BOCANEGRA

    The Flight into Egypt [recto]; Study of a Seated Male Nude and a Sketch of the Forelegs of a Horse or Donkey [verso]

  • Andreas BODAN

    Death and the Scholar

  • Giovanni Battista CAPPELLO

    A Bird in an Extensive Landscape, in a Decorated Surround

  • Joannes CARTERON

    An Italianate Coastal Landscape with Shipping

  • Giacomo CAVEDONE

    The Head of a Bearded Man

  • Giacomo CAVEDONE

    A Man Rowing [recto]; The Head of a Woman, Looking to the Left [verso]

  • Francesco Montelatici CECCO BRAVO

    Two Standing Figures

  • Bartolomeo CESI

    A Young Man Wearing Pantaloons

  • Carlo CIGNANI

    The Head of a Child Looking Down

  • Sigismondo COCCAPANI

    Susanna and the Elders

  • Belisario CORENZIO

    Three Designs for Pendentives with Allegorical Female Figures


    A Half-Length Study of a Male Nude Holding a Staff

  • Giovanni Francesco GRIMALDI

    Wooded Landscape with a Castle


    A Sun Conure Parrot and a Yellow-Backed Oriole

  • Ermenegildo LODI

    Study of a Man Sheathing a Sword, Facing Right

  • Ermenegildo LODI

    Study of a Man Sheathing a Sword, Looking Down

  • Godfried MAES

    The Sisters of Phaeton Transformed into Poplars

  • Godfried MAES

    The Fall of Phaeton

  • Godfried MAES

    Phaeton in the Chariot of the Sun God

  • Godfried MAES

    Phaeton Before His Father Apollo

  • Alessandro MAGANZA

    Two Allegorical Figures (Bacchus and Ariadne?)

  • Carlo MARATTI

    The Head of a Young Boy [recto]; The Penitent Saint Peter [verso]

  • Pier Francesco MOLA

    Landscape with Erminia Writing the Name of Tancred on a Tree

  • Filippo NAPOLETANO

    Ships on a Stormy Sea

  • Filippo NAPOLETANO

    Studies of the Skull and Skeleton of a Horse

  • Early 17th century Northern School

    Landscape with a Castle on a Hill

  • Avanzino NUCCI

    The Marriage of the Virgin

  • Giuseppe PASSERI

    The Virgin and Child with Saints

  • Astolfo PETRAZZI

    The Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes

  • Erasmus QUELLINUS

    A Trophy of Armour on a Tree Branch

  • Cristoforo RONCALLI

    A Kneeling Male Nude

  • Salvator ROSA

    A Standing Halberdier

  • Carl Andreas RUTHART (attr.)

    A Lion, after Rubens

  • Jean-Baptiste TAVERNIER

    A Calligraphic Design for a Frontispiece

  • Wallerant VAILLANT

    Portrait of a Man, Wearing an Embroidered Collar over Armour

  • Jacob VAN DER ULFT

    A Procession Before a Circular Temple

  • Abraham VAN DIJCK

    A Seated Youth with a Book

  • Lucas VAN UDEN

    A Wooded Landscape with Houses Seen Across a River

  • Cornelis VISSCHER

    Portrait of a Young Man, Probably a Self-Portrait

  • Baldassare Franceschini VOLTERRANO

    Study of Two Variant Designs for a Cartouche [recto]; Studies of Frames or Cartouches [verso]