Beauty in Individualism: A Selection of Works by 20th and 21st Century Women Artists

Friday 30 June - Friday 28 July 2023

Our summer exhibition as part of London Art Week 2023 is entitled “Beauty in Individualism: A Selection of Works by Women Artists of the 20th and 21st Centuries.”

82 Park Street
W1K 6NH London
United Kingdom

“There is a thing about beauty. Beauty is always associated with the male fantasy of what the female body is. I don’t think there is anything wrong with beauty. It’s just what women think is beautiful can be different. And there can be a beauty in individualism. If there is a wart or a scar, this can be beautiful, in a sense, when you paint it.” - Jenny Saville, 1994

The exhibition features drawings and watercolours by a number of pioneering artists from the last 120 years, including Gillian Ayres, Lynne Drexler, Helen Frankenthaler, Gluck, Gwen John, Jessie Marion King, Alison Lambert, Dora Maar, Joan Mitchell, Marlow Moss, Alice Neel, Rosie Sanders, Jenny Saville and Vivian Springford. In addition, we are pleased to include a selection of works by lesser-known figures, as well as some emerging contemporary artists, including Eve Campbell, Anne Connell, Lavinia Harrington and Úrsula Romero. The exhibition is accompanied by a fully illustrated, scholarly catalogue.

By focusing on works by women artists, this exhibition aims to provide a platform to share the unique insights of these artists, whose experiences and perspectives have historically been underrepresented in the art world. Recently, there has been a significant focus on recontextualizing the work of female artists and bringing their contributions to the forefront. Stephen Ongpin Fine Art's exhibition showcases a blend of highly successful and lesser-known artists and highlights the intriguing stories behind their lives and works.