Mark ADLINGTON (1965)

Alpha Male Sold

Watercolour, charcoal and coloured chalks on white paper.
Inscribed Alpha Male at the lower right.
Signed with initials and dated MA/07 at the lower right.
297 x 415 mm. (11 3/4 x 16 3/8 in.)


Drawn in 2007.

‘Of all our lost beasts the wolf has been the most interesting to study, and the most challenging to draw, morphing seasonally from a magnificent, heavily furred ice creature, to the rangy, spindle-tailed gangle of the summer. This ambivalence runs through both the myth and reality of wolves…Watching the Polish wolf pack in the Parc Animalier de St. Lucie in France over the last two years was absorbing: it is the close parallels between these highly individual social animals and ourselves that fuel the fascination and fear.’ (Mark Adlington, in London, John Martin, Mark Adlington. Lost Beasts: In search of Britain’s missing wildlife, 2001, p.5.)


Alpha Male


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