René Gruau (Covignano 1909 - Rome 2004)

Design for the Cover of Sir Magazine (No.4, 1964)

Brush and black ink, gouache, and green film, over a pencil underdrawing, on paper.
Signed with the artist’s initial *G at the lower right.
410 x 287 mm. (16 1/8 x 11 1/4 in.) [sheet]


A design for the cover of a 1964 issue of the magazine Sir: Men's International Fashion Journal, published in Holland by the International Textiles group. Gruau produced many cover designs, as well as illustrations, for the magazine, a quarterly trade publication devoted to male fashion. Another design by Gruau for a cover for Sir magazine from 1964, of similar dimensions and technique, recently appeared on the art market in London.


Design for the Cover of Sir Magazine (No.4, 1964)


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