André DEVAMBEZ (Paris 1867 - Paris 1944)

Sur l’herbe: A Group of Figures in a Landscape

Watercolour and gouache, with framing lines in black ink.
Signed Andre Devambez. at the lower left.
Titled Sur l’herbe. in a cartouche at the bottom of the image.
Inscribed Louis XVI en 20 / Jean Lanez / Dienville on the verso.
Formerly dated and inscribed 14 avril 1920 / connu / (original) / Lanez Mautars / André Devambez cadeau de mariage ami de T. Mautars on an old backing sheet.
385 x 260 mm. (15 1/8 x 10 1/4 in.) [image]
436 x 328 mm. (17 1/8 x 12 7/8 in.) [sheet]


Depicting a group of young women enjoying goblets of wine served by frolicking, hovering putti, the present sheet is typical of André Devambez’s delightful and often enchanting compositions. It has been suggested that this drawing is a design for a menu for the famed Parisian restaurant Maxim’s, for which the artist is known to have drawn an illustration - with the title 'Sur l’herbe' - for the cover of the wine list of Côtes du Rhône. Reminiscent of the fêtes galantes of the 18th century, a genre made popular by Watteau, the composition of this drawing is similar to that of a circular painting by Devambez, also entitled Sur l’herbe, exhibited at the Salon of 1900.

T. Mautars (according to an inscription on the old backing sheet).


Sur l’herbe: A Group of Figures in a Landscape


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