Louis-Auguste Lepere (Paris 1849 - Domme 1918)

Landscape with Trees Sold

Black chalk and watercolour, on white card.
Signed A. Lepère at the lower left.
204 x 343 mm. (8 x 13 1/2 in.)



Auguste Lepère was much admired, in his own day, for his technical skill as both draughtsman and printmaker. As one critic noted in 1897, ‘Lepère is an incomparable draughtsman, surmounting all sorts of difficulties with an ease which many just envy him; an engraver, too, of the first rank, handling with equal facility the knife or the burin, equally at home in relief engraving or in etching; also a lithographer of remarkable flexibility and breadth of touch. He excels, in fact, in every branch of his art. Everything he touches bears the impress of a truly personal originality, alike in his method of looking at things and in the way he reproduces them. With a deep knowledge of all the secrets of the draughtsman’s art, he has one great merit, among many others – namely, in never being cramped in the expression of his ideas, in always succeeding in developing them to their fullest extent.’

Louis-Auguste LEPERE

Landscape with Trees


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