Louis-Amable Crapelet (Auxerre 1822 - Marseille 1867)

Sunset in Egypt, with Two Bedouin on Camels

Signed Am. Crapelet at the lower left.
206 x 291 mm. (8 1/8 x 11 1/2 in.)


Louis-Amable Crapelet was particularly admired for his atmospheric watercolours of Oriental subjects, of which the present sheet is a fine example. As the Orientalist scholar Emily Weeks has noted, ‘In the nineteenth century, watercolour had developed into a highly-portable and fat-drying medium, making it a favourite among travelling artists...Watercolour also, in the opinions of its champions, perfectly captured the particular qualities of light and air, the vibrancy, and the almost palpable sense of energy that the Middle Eastern landscape offered. Crapelet’s work, which shifts between transparent washes of colour and the more concentrated application of luminous pigments, well conveys this.’

A number of stylistically comparable watercolours of Egyptian views by Crapelet are today in the Louvre.

Louis-Amable CRAPELET

Sunset in Egypt, with Two Bedouin on Camels


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