William White WARREN (London (?) 1832 - Bristol 1911)

Pale Evening Clouds Sold

Oil on thin card.
84 x 184 mm. (3 1/4 x 7 1/4 in.)


The present sheet is a fine and typical example of Warren’s oil sketches of sky and cloud studies, which make up a significant part of his output. Many such studies are executed with a spirited handling of the brush that comes quite close to the work of John Constable. Indeed, Warren saw himself as a disciple and follower of Constable, so it is somewhat ironic that, a few years after his death, several of his unsigned oil sketches appeared at auction with an attribution to the older artist, leading to a well known court case.

Martyn Gregory, London, in 1995
Mr. and Mrs. Giorgio Marsan, London.

William White WARREN

Pale Evening Clouds


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