Pierre Prins (Paris 1838 - Paris 1913)

Sunset over the Sea at Puys Sold

Pastel on paper, laid down on board.
Signed Pierre Prins at the lower left.
190 x 277 mm. (7 1/2 x 10 7/8 in.)


As Daniel Wildenstein has noted, ‘Prins was above all a painter of the sky and of light in their most subtle expressions. With the art of a visionary, and yet without any of the fairy-tale romance of Turner and Bonington, he was capable of catching their most fleeting effects. In this he was particularly successful with pastel, which he used with great mastery and which, in his hand, turns into a luminous haze in boundless space, resting on a very low, very distant horizon only slightly more substantial than the clouds. He makes the slightness of pastel serves [sic] the insubstantiality of the sky, thus bringing the means and the end into harmony.’

Maurice and Vivienne Wohl, London and Geneva.

Michel Melot, Lili Jampoller, et al., Catalogue général de l’oeuvre de Pierre Prins, Paris, 1993, p.141, no.1237.p, where dated 1906.

Pierre PRINS

Sunset over the Sea at Puys


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