Paul SIGNAC (1863 - 1945)

Still Life with a Bowl of Fruit Sold

Charcoal and watercolour.
Stamped with the posthumous atelier stamp (Lugt 2285b) at the lower right.
207 x 291 mm. (8 1/8 x 11 1/2 in.)


Paintings and watercolours of still-life subjects account for only a very small part of Signac’s extensive oeuvre. The artist first mentioned his watercolours of fruit and flowers in a letter to his friend, the write Félix Fénéon in September 1918, and the earliest of these drawings may be dated to the latter months of that year and the early part of 1919. In these works Signac was inspired by the still life watercolours of Paul Cézanne, which he would have seen at exhibitions at a handful of galleries in Paris. While the broad patches of watercolour in drawings such as the present sheet may reflect the particular influence of Cézanne’s watercolour technique, Signac’s still life compositions are distinguished from those of Cézanne in the younger artist’s preference for more vibrant colours.

The present sheet may be compared stylistically with a handful of still life watercolours by Signac which date from the 1920’s. These include A Basket of Fruit and A Pitcher of Tulips in the collection of James T. Dyke, as well as a Still Life with Fruit and Vegetables, dated 1926, in the Arkansas Art Center in Little Rock, Arkansas.

The studio of the artist (Lugt 2285b)
Marlborough Gallery, London, in 1959
Marlborough-Gerson Gallery, New York
Shirley Arnoff Baerwald, New York.


Still Life with a Bowl of Fruit


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