Arthur Charles Kemp (1906 - 1968)

Red Sky over Loch Harray, Orkney

Numbered AK 192 on the verso.
191 x 279 mm. (7 1/2 x 11 in.)


The present sheet was one of a series of sky studies painted by Kemp during his family’s summer holidays in 1961, when the artist, his wife and son were staying in a cottage in Skeabrae in the Orkney Islands, and father and son rowed across the Loch of Harray. As his son recalled many years later, ‘1961 saw more improvement in Dad and for the first time ever the three of us went away for a holiday to the Orkney Islands. I had hired a rowing boat and Dad and I would go off together where he would be quite content to sit and sketch while I did a spot of fishing. Other days we would go off around the headlands and find a suitable subject to paint. I remember one day the wind was so strong that I had to hold the paper down on his board for him to paint or the lot would have been blown away to sea. He still had no use of his left arm and could not walk very well. His speech was affected as well so things were not at all easy for him but we all seemed to manage reasonably well.’

A related, more finished, sky study is in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art of Wales in Machynlleth in Powys, which houses a large number of paintings by Arthur Kemp.

By descent in the family of the artist to his adopted son, Jeremy Raynham-Kemp.

Arthur Charles KEMP

Red Sky over Loch Harray, Orkney


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