Christoph Ludwig Agricola (1667 - 1719)

Moonlit Landscape with a Ruined Tower by a Lake Sold

Gouache on vellum, with framing lines in black ink.
Inscribed AGRICOLA in the margin of the mount.
162 x 208 mm. (6 3/8 x 8 1/8 in.)


The 19th century art historian Gustav Waagen noted of Agricola that ‘He formed himself as a landscape-painter chiefly by the simple study of nature when travelling in the south, and, namely, in Italy. But in his feeling for lines, and in the lighting of his pictures, we recognise the influence of Nicolas Poussin. Ruins of ancient buildings also form, as with Poussin, an important feature in his pictures; while his favourite figures for the foreground are men in oriental costumes. He was a good draughtsman, loved decided and warm lighting, and has a broad and masterly brush.’

Christoph Ludwig AGRICOLA

Moonlit Landscape with a Ruined Tower by a Lake


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