George Clausen (1852 - 1944)

Study of Sea and Sky Sold

Watercolour on white paper.
Signed G. CLAUSEN at the lower right.
255 x 316 mm. (10 x 12 1/2 in.)


As a watercolourist, George Clausen produced both landscape studies and smaller variants of his oil paintings. He showed regularly at the Royal Watercolour Society, and in 1921 exhibited forty-one of his watercolours at the Grosvenor Gallery. Indeed, in the latter part of his career watercolours came to dominate his output. Writing in 1930, Clausen noted of his technique that ‘I try to work as simply and directly as possible in water-colour…I try (though, of course, I can seldom do it) to put the colour on in one wash, without re-touching, for I think there is nothing so beautiful as a clean tint in water-colour that is exactly right. And even if it does not exactly run into the right place (for water-colour is a tricky medium) the quality of the colour has something of the spontaneity and effortless rightness that one finds in Nature itself – a quality that is always lost by labouring and stippling a drawing...It seems to me that water-colour painting depends more on simplicity of method than oil-painting, and this means, of course, that you must know pretty well what you are want to do before you begin.’

Comparable atmospheric landscape watercolours by Clausen are in the Bury Art Gallery, the collection of Brinsley Ford, and elsewhere.

E. Stuart-Smith (according to a label on the old backing board).


Study of Sea and Sky


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