• Henri ADAM

    Woodland Scene

  • Paul ALLIER

    Le Billet Doux (Incroyable and Merveilleuse)

  • Sir Lawrence ALMA-TADEMA

    Three Studies of Drapery for The Contrary Oracle [recto]; Three Studies of a Standing Male Nude [verso]

  • Sir Lawrence ALMA-TADEMA

    Two Studies of Drapery for The Contrary Oracle

  • Sir Lawrence ALMA-TADEMA

    Two Studies of an Egyptian Headress

  • Sir Lawrence ALMA-TADEMA

    Three Drapery Studies

  • Clément-Auguste ANDRIEUX

    A Cavalry Skirmish

  • Avigdor ARIKHA

    Interior with Drawings

  • Maxwell ARMFIELD

    ‘How the Camel Unbent’: Study for The Armfields’ Animal-Book

  • Frank AUERBACH

    Study after Turner’s The Parting of Hero and Leander [recto]; A Building Site [verso]

  • Frank AUERBACH

    To the Studios

  • Frank AUERBACH

    Drawing for Mornington Crescent

  • Giovanni BALDUCCI

    The Visitation [recto]; Sketch for The Visitation and a Design for its Frame and the Altar Chapel Facade [verso]

  • Giacomo BALLA

    Forme rumore

  • Albert BALLU

    A Street in Algiers

  • Alfredo BARUFFI

    Silvia Cacciatrice: An Illustration for Torquato Tasso’s Aminta

  • Antonio BASOLI

    The Interior of an Egyptian Temple

  • Marcantonio BASSETTI

    A Triumphal Procession with Prisoners and Horsemen Before a Chariot Bearing a Conqueror Crowned by Fame

  • Marcantonio BASSETTI

    A Triumphal Procession with Musicians Before a Chariot and Horsemen Behind

  • Léon BENIGNI

    An Elegant Couple: Design for the Cover of the Magazine Voici La Mode / Art Goût Beauté

  • Antoine BÉRANGER

    Children Playing a Game

  • Edmund BERNINGER

    Landscape in Capri

  • William Roxby BEVERLEY

    Fishing Boats on a Beach

  • Mosé BIANCHI

    Studies of Women [recto], Two Studies of a Woman Holding a Laurel Wreath [verso]

  • Giuseppe Bernardino BISON

    Three Figures in a Moonlit Landscape

  • Giuseppe Bernardino BISON

    Two Elegantly Dressed Ladies Holding Flowers

  • Abraham BLOEMAERT

    Drapery Study of a Seated Figure

  • Pedro Atanasio BOCANEGRA

    The Flight into Egypt [recto]; Study of a Seated Male Nude and a Sketch of the Forelegs of a Horse or Donkey [verso]

  • Andreas BODAN

    Death and the Scholar

  • Jean-Jacques de BOISSIEU

    A Ruined Farmhouse

  • Giovanni BOLDINI

    Study of Bernini’s Equestrian Statue of Louis XIV at Versailles

  • Giovanni BOLDINI

    A Man Standing in the Artist’s Studio

  • Giovanni BOLDINI

    A Man Playing a Piano in the Artist’s Studio

  • David BOMBERG

    Middle Temple

  • Paul BONET

    Jeanne d’Arc: Design for a Bookbinding

  • François-Auguste BONHEUR

    Mountain Landscape in the Auvergne

  • Pierre BONNARD

    View of the Town and Bay of Saint-Tropez

  • Andrea BOSCOLI

    Two Studies of a Flayed Male Nude, after Pietro Francavilla

  • Andrea BOSCOLI

    Judith Preparing to Visit Holofernes

  • François BOUCHER

    Study of a Male Nude Holding a Hammer Above his Head

  • François BOUCHER

    Study of a Male Nude Holding a Hammer

  • François BOUCHER

    Aurora and Cephalus

  • François BOUCHER

    Neptune Rescuing Amymone

  • Eugène BOUDIN

    Sky Study


    A Woman Skiing and Two Women Looking to the Left


    Women at a Bar


    Man Confronted by Cubism (La peinture absolue)


    Two Men Choosing a Cane


    A Walking Man in a Suit, with a Cane


    A Dancing Man


    A Horse and Carriage


    An Elegantly Dressed Standing Woman Observed by Two Men in a Carriage


    Three Men Drinking


    A Recumbent Woman and a Standing Man

  • Louis-Maurice BOUTET DE MONVEL

    Design for the Poster for the 19th Annual Exhibition of the Société des Aquarellistes Français, Paris, 1897


    A Family Looking at a Painting, with the Artist

  • Rodolphe BRESDIN

    Landscape with Fishermen

  • John BRETT

    Logan Bay, Cornwall

  • Frederick Arthur BRIDGMAN

    An Arcade in Thun, Switzerland

  • Frederick Arthur BRIDGMAN

    Study of a Tree

  • Henry BRIGHT

    Wooded Landscape with an Approaching Storm

  • Pierre BRISSAUD

    Sidesaddle: Design for the Cover of Vogue

  • Pierre-Nicolas BRISSET

    The Head of a Choirboy

  • Silas BROUX

    Night, after Michelangelo


    Design for a Stage Set: America

  • Paul CADMUS

    Vermont Waterfall No.1

  • Domenico CAMPAGNOLA

    Landscape with a Mill

  • Heinrich CAMPENDONK

    The Horse in the Port (Das Pferd am Hafen)

  • Giovanni Battista CAPPELLO

    A Bird in an Extensive Landscape, in a Decorated Surround

  • Agostino CARRACCI

    God the Father

  • Rosalba CARRIERA

    The Virgin in Prayer

  • Joannes CARTERON

    An Italianate Coastal Landscape with Shipping

  • Giuseppe CASCIARO

    The Faraglioni at Capri

  • Giuseppe CASCIARO

    Coastal Landscape

  • Giuseppe CASCIARO

    The Park of Capodimonte in Naples

  • Giuseppe CASCIARO

    Coastal Cliffs

  • Alessandro CASOLANI

    Study of an Angel

  • Alessandro CASOLANI

    Two Studies of a Winged Putto

  • Gilles-Paul CAUVET

    Design for a Decorative Panel with a Cherub Seated on a Globe

  • Gilles-Paul CAUVET

    Design for a Decorative Panel with Two Sirens Holding a Vase Embellished with Dolphins and other Decorative Motifs

  • Giacomo CAVEDONE

    The Head of a Bearded Man

  • Giacomo CAVEDONE

    A Man Rowing [recto]; The Head of a Woman, Looking to the Left [verso]


    Evening in London

  • Francesco Montelatici CECCO BRAVO

    Two Standing Figures

  • Bartolomeo CESI

    A Young Man Wearing Pantaloons

  • Claude-Louis CHATELET

    Landscape with an Alpine Waterfall

  • Claude-Louis CHATELET

    Mountain Landscape with a Waterfall

  • Louis CHERON

    Tobias and the Angel

  • Eugène CICERI

    Landscape at Quimperlé, Brittany

  • Carlo CIGNANI

    The Head of a Child Looking Down

  • Georges CLAIRIN

    Claudea Flegans: An Allegory of the Sea

  • Georges CLAIRIN

    The Venetian Lagoon

  • Sigismondo COCCAPANI

    Susanna and the Elders

  • Charles-Nicolas COCHIN

    Design for a Fireworks Display

  • Anne CONNELL

    In the Realm of Conjecture

  • Anne CONNELL

    The Scheme of Things

  • Anne CONNELL

    A Little Sanctuary

  • Anne CONNELL


  • Anne CONNELL


  • Anne CONNELL

    Parted Per Pale

  • Anne CONNELL


  • Anne CONNELL


  • Anne CONNELL

    Golden Rectangle, No.8

  • Anne CONNELL


  • Anne CONNELL

    Fiat Lux (2)

  • Anne CONNELL

    A Favourable Reply

  • Belisario CORENZIO

    Three Designs for Pendentives with Allegorical Female Figures

  • Fernand CORMON

    The Head of a Young Girl in Profile

  • Walter CRANE

    Landscape near Tunbridge Wells, Kent

  • Louis-Amable CRAPELET

    Sunset in Egypt, with Two Bedouin on Camels

  • Donato CRETI

    Five Drawings on an Album Page: a. A Mythological Female Figure (Diana?), Looking Up to the Left b. A Winged Putto, Flying to the Right c. A Winged Putto, Flying to the Left d. The Head of a Woman, Resting her Chin on her Hand (Mary Magdalene?) e. The Head of a Bearded Man

  • Thomas Hartley CROMEK

    Study of Plants, Ariccia

  • Henri Edmond CROSS

    View of Le Lavandou

  • Henri Edmond CROSS

    Studies of Waves

  • Pascal-Adolphe DAGNAN-BOUVERET

    A Standing Female Nude (Primavera)

  • Georges DE FEURE

    Two Elegant Women: Design for the Cover of Les Modes

  • Philibert-Benoît DE LA RUE

    Study for a Frontispiece or Monument, with Allegorical Figures Surrounding an Oval Portrait of a Young Woman

  • Emile DE SPECHT

    A Presumed Portrait of Edgar Degas

  • Edgar DEGAS

    Coastal Landscape at Sunset, with a View of Cabourg (Paysage, soleil couchant)

  • Eugène DELACROIX

    A View of Eaux-Bonnes in the Pyrénées

  • Emilio DELLA SUDDA

    Portrait of the Artist’s Brother, Francesco (Faik Bey) Della Sudda, Seated at a Piano

  • Domenico (Mino) DELLE SITE

    Sogno dell’ aviere (The Dream of the Airman)

  • Domenico (Mino) DELLE SITE

    Aeropittura (Aeropainting)

  • Domenico (Mino) DELLE SITE

    Sintesi di virata (Synthesis of a Turn)


    Studies of an Eagle


    Studies of the Wings of an Eagle

  • Baron Dominique-Vivant DENON

    A Seated Woman Wearing a Feathered Hat

  • Marcellin DESBOUTIN

    Study of a Left Hand

  • Aignan-Thomas DESFRICHES

    Washerwomen by a Lake, a Mill in the Background

  • Aignan-Thomas DESFRICHES

    Horsemen in a Landscape with Classical Ruins

  • Jean-Baptiste DESHAYS

    The Raising of Lazarus

  • André DEVAMBEZ

    Sur l’herbe: A Group of Figures in a Landscape

  • Martin DROLLING

    The Artist’s Son Michel-Martin Reading, with Two Studies of His Left Hand


    Landscape at La Grande Jatte (Pré en contre-bas)


    Design for a Trophy: Les Arms Ottomans


    Design for a Trophy: La Marine

  • Balthasar Anton DUNKER

    An Elegant Woman in a Garden, Inscribing a Monument in the Form of a Pyramid

  • Balthasar Anton DUNKER

    Landscape with a Peasant Family by a Path

  • Balthasar Anton DUNKER

    The Corner of a Terrace, with Flower Pots, Garden Tools and a Straw Hat

  • Jean DUPAS

    Study for The Chariot of Poseidon Mural for the S.S. Normandie

  • 18th Century Dutch School

    A Trompe-l’Oeil of a Collage of Engraved Portraits of Dutch and Flemish Painters


    Caricature of an Artist, thought to be Adolphe Crespin, Painting at an Easel


    A Seated Artist, Possibly Toulouse-Lautrec, Drawing at an Easel


    A Fisherman on a Beach

  • Pietro FACCINI

    Study of a Seated Youth, Leaning to the Right

  • Pietro FANCELLI

    A Vision of the Madonna and Child with Saint Anthony Abbot and Another Monk Appearing to an Officer

  • Paolo FARINATI

    The Virgin and Child with Saints Catherine of Alexandria and John the Baptist, with Two Donors Below

  • Eric FISCHL

    Untitled (Standing Nude)

  • Pierfrancesco FOSCHI

    The Virgin and Child with the Infant Saint John the Baptist

  • Tsuguharu FOUJITA

    A Young Woman Asleep

  • Jean Honoré FRAGONARD

    A Statue in a Garden


    A Half-Length Study of a Male Nude Holding a Staff

  • Roberto FRANZONI

    An Allegory of Fame, in Honour of Giuseppe Verdi

  • 18th Century FRENCH SCHOOL

    A Cavalier

  • 19th Century FRENCH SCHOOL

    A Woman Wearing a Hat

  • 19th Century FRENCH SCHOOL

    The Head of a Young Boy Wearing a Cap

  • 19th Century FRENCH SCHOOL

    The Church of the Invalides, Paris

  • Lucian FREUD

    Boat, Connemara

  • Carl Ludwig FROMMEL

    An Ancient Doorway at Tivoli


    Wooded Landscape with Cattle and Goats

  • Pierre Victor GALLAND

    Study for L'Astuce, a Decorative Panel for the Hôtel Cail, Paris

  • Ubaldo GANDOLFI

    Three Men Playing Dice in a Landscape

  • Ubaldo GANDOLFI

    Design for a Monument or Frontispiece, with a Male and Female Figure Flanking a Cartouche, Three Putti Holding a Garland Above

  • Gaetano GANDOLFI

    The Head of a Young Woman

  • Joseph Michael GANDY


  • Joseph Michael GANDY

    Near Southwick, Shoreham, West Sussex

  • William Fraser GARDEN

    River Landscape near St. Ives, Huntingdonshire

  • William Fraser GARDEN

    The Bridge at St. Ives, Huntingdonshire

  • Alethea GARSTIN

    The Moroccan Bride

  • Paul GAUGUIN

    The Head of a Breton Woman

  • Vincenzo GEMITO

    Study of a Bearded Man, Looking to the Left

  • Ingrid GERHARDT

    A Derelict Farmhouse

  • Théodore GERICAULT

    Study of a Lion at Rest

  • Giacinto GIGANTE

    Casarlano, near Sorrento

  • Hendrick GOLTZIUS

    Pluto, after Polidoro da Caravaggio

  • Julio GONZALEZ

    Women and Child with a Dog (Maternité au chien)

  • Adolph GOTTLIEB



    A Frog in an Overcoat, Holding a Top Hat and Cane

  • Jean-Baptiste GREUZE

    The First Harvest of the Wheat

  • Giovanni Francesco GRIMALDI

    Wooded Landscape with a Castle

  • Antoine-Jean GROS

    Sheet of Studies of Horses and Mounted Soldiers, the Head of a Helmeted Warrior and other Figures

  • René GRUAU

    The Straw Hat

  • René GRUAU

    Woman in a White Dress: Design for the Cover of International Textiles Magazine (August 1985)

  • René GRUAU

    Woman with a Long Head Scarf: Design for the Cover of International Textiles Magazine (July 1971)

  • René GRUAU

    Design for the Cover of Sir Magazine (No.4, 1964)

  • Théodore GUDIN


  • Charles GUILLOUX

    Autumn Landscape with a Figure on a Path

  • Henri Joseph HARPIGNIES

    A Stream in an Arid Landscape

  • Karl Herrmann HAUPT

    Self Portrait 3 (Selbstbildnis 3)

  • Louis Welden HAWKINS

    Le Petit Vent du Nord

  • Louis HAYET

    A Tugboat on the Quai Bucherelle, Pontoise

  • Louis HAYET

    Gas Lamps, Paris

  • Ferdinand HEILBUTH

    An Elegant Woman Seated by a River

  • Willem HEKKING

    Seven Hazelnuts

  • Willem HEKKING

    Three Greengages on a Branch

  • Willem HEKKING

    Three Plums on a Branch

  • Willem HEKKING

    Two Plums and a Tomato

  • Willem HEKKING

    An Orange

  • Marcel-Jacques HEMJIC

    An Elegant Woman and Child in a Snowfall


    A Sun Conure Parrot and a Yellow-Backed Oriole

  • Hubert von HERKOMER

    Study of the Head of a Bavarian Man

  • Gustav Friedrich HETSCH

    An Imaginary Reconstruction of the Roman Forum

  • Sergius HRUBY

    A Young Woman Contemplating a Portrait: Design for a Poster or Advertisement

  • Laurent HUBERT

    Design for a Sculpture: Venus and Cupid

  • Paul HUET

    A Lake in the Mountains

  • Jean-Baptiste HUET

    Winter Landscape with Two Children

  • Paul HUET

    The ‘Song of the Sea’ Cliffs at Nanjizal Cove, Land’s End, Cornwall

  • Victor HUGO

    Seascape with Ships in Fog

  • Jean-Auguste-Dominique INGRES

    The Gatteaux Family

  • Horst JANSSEN


  • Sigismond JEANÈS

    A November Evening on Lake Garda, Val du Col Loppio, Trentino

  • Wolf KAHN

    Orange Afterglow

  • Kasparus KARSEN

    A View of a Church and a Town Square

  • Arthur Charles KEMP

    Red Sky over Loch Harray, Orkney

  • Jessie Marion KING

    Book Cover for Werke Alter Meister, Berlin

  • Jessie Marion KING

    Back of Tenements, Paris

  • Raphaël KIRCHNER

    An Elegant Woman with a Fur Muff

  • Christoph Heinrich KNIEP

    Study of the Base of a Tree and Undergrowth

  • P. Michael KOTASEK

    Try Pots

  • Victor KOULBAK


  • Cornelis KRUSEMAN

    The Artist Nicolaas Pieneman Standing at a Table

  • Frantisek KUPKA


  • Georges LACOMBE

    Portrait of Mme. Gabrielle Wenger at Camaret-sur-Mer [recto]; Portrait of the Seaman Piriou [verso]

  • Nicolas LANCRET

    A Standing Woman with her Left Arm Outstretched

  • Jean-Baptiste LE PRINCE

    A Russian Peasant Family in an Interior

  • Henri LE SIDANER

    A Fountain in a Village Square

  • Karl-Ernest-Rudolph-Heinrich Salem LEHMANN

    Study of a Standing Draped Man

  • Louis-Auguste LEPERE

    A Grove of White Poplar Trees

  • Henri-Léopold LÉVY

    The Head of a Youth

  • John Frederick LEWIS

    Sheikh el Belled, Kom Ombos, Upper Egypt

  • Léon Augustin LHERMITTE

    Ploughing (Le Labourage)

  • Andre LHOTE

    View of Collioure, Pyrénées

  • Erich LINDENAU

    Study of Bullrushes


    Design for a Stained-Glass Window: Saint Jerome in the Desert with the Annunciation Above, and a Kneeling Donor and a Coat of Arms Below

  • Jean-Etienne LIOTARD

    Portrait of a Seated Woman, in Profile to the Right

  • Ermenegildo LODI

    Study of a Man Sheathing a Sword, Facing Right

  • Ermenegildo LODI

    Study of a Man Sheathing a Sword, Looking Down

  • Luigi LOIR

    Roscoff, Brittany

  • Luigi LOIR

    A Naval Display

  • Luigi LOIR

    The Grand Palais, Paris

  • Maximilien LUCE

    Study of a Nude Bather

  • Ernest Stephen LUMSDEN

    Northern Twilight

  • Godfried MAES

    The Sisters of Phaeton Transformed into Poplars

  • Godfried MAES

    The Fall of Phaeton

  • Godfried MAES

    Phaeton in the Chariot of the Sun God

  • Godfried MAES

    Phaeton Before His Father Apollo

  • Alessandro MAGANZA

    Two Allegorical Figures (Bacchus and Ariadne?)

  • Alphonse-Nicolas-Michel MANDEVARE

    A Blasted Tree

  • Carlo MARATTI

    The Head of a Young Boy [recto]; The Penitent Saint Peter [verso]


    Study for a Massacre of the Innocents: A Roman Soldier with a Mother and Child [recto]; A Group of Draped Women and Children [verso]

  • André Edouard MARTY

    A Woman and Child Seated in a Tropical Landscape

  • Henri MATISSE


  • Henri MATISSE

    Portrait of Janie Bussy

  • Maxime MAUFRA

    Coastal Landscape in Brittany

  • Anton MAUVE

    Cows in the Corner of a Field

  • Achille Lucien MAUZAN

    Sir: Primo ed Unico Registratore Italiano

  • James MCBEY

    Fishing Boats at Sizewell, Suffolk

  • Mathurin MEHEUT

    Peacocks: Notes de Céramique

  • Arthur MELVILLE

    A Street Market by a Church, probably in Granville, Normandy

  • Bernard MENINSKY

    Still Life with a Knife and Grapes

  • Adolph MENZEL

    Portrait of Fraulein Hanna Maercker

  • Adolph MENZEL

    Study for a Portrait of Generalleutnant Hans Karl von Winterfeldt

  • Adolph MENZEL

    Study of Two Hands, One Holding a Book

  • Adolph MENZEL

    Studies of a Man Smoking, in Profile

  • Adolph MENZEL

    Coffee Time in Kissingen (Kaffeezeit in Kissingen)

  • Adolph MENZEL

    A Woman Holding an Umbrella

  • Adolph MENZEL

    A Man with a Birdcage

  • Adolph MENZEL

    A Seated, Elegantly Dressed Lady Eating from a Plate

  • Adolph MENZEL

    On the Mountainside

  • Adolph MENZEL

    Landscape with a Grove of Trees, Brandenburg

  • Adolph MENZEL

    Portrait of Eduard Heinrich Kamke

  • Adolph MENZEL

    A Woman in a Large Hat, Facing Left

  • Adolph MENZEL

    An Old Man with His Head Turned Away

  • Adolph MENZEL

    The Head of a Bearded Man, Facing Right

  • Adolph MENZEL

    Study of the Back of a Man Bending Down

  • Adolph MENZEL

    The Porta San Michele in Bressanone

  • Adolph MENZEL

    A Seated Woman Reading (Portrait of Emilie Fontane)

  • Adolph MENZEL

    A Farmstead near Kassel

  • Adolph MENZEL

    The Head of a Fourteen-Year Old Girl, in Profile to the Left

  • Adolph MENZEL

    Three Studies of a Bearded Man Facing Left

  • Adolph MENZEL

    A Man with a Moustache, Facing Right

  • Adolph MENZEL

    Head of an Old Woman with a Shawl

  • Adolph MENZEL

    Portrait of Frau Constanze Puhlmann

  • Adolph MENZEL

    A Man at a Grinding Stone

  • Adolph MENZEL

    Study of Three Heads

  • Adolph MENZEL

    Two Studies of a Right Arm and Hand Holding a Glass

  • Adolph MENZEL

    The Side of a Mountain Farmhouse

  • Adolph MENZEL

    Studies of a Man with his Head Bowed

  • Adolph MENZEL

    A View of Freyburg, with Schloss Neuenburg

  • Adolph MENZEL

    A Bearded Man Looking Down and to the Right

  • Adolph MENZEL

    Study of a Tree

  • Adolph MENZEL

    Studies of a Man Wearing a Hat and Coat and Bending Forward

  • Adolph MENZEL

    Study of a Woman’s Right Hand

  • Adolph MENZEL

    An Alley in a Mountain Town, Possibly in the South Tyrol

  • Adolph MENZEL

    Men and Soldiers at a Shooting Range

  • Adolph MENZEL

    A Bearded Man Looking Down to the Left

  • Adolph MENZEL

    The Head of a Bearded Man

  • Adolph MENZEL

    A Man Drinking

  • Carl Ludvig MESSMANN

    A Tree by a Farm in Charlottenlund, Denmark

  • Carl Ludvig MESSMANN

    Study of Two Trees by a Lake or Pond

  • Carl Ludvig MESSMANN

    Trees and a Pile of Logs by a Barn

  • Carl Ludvig MESSMANN

    Study of Trees

  • Carl Ludvig MESSMANN

    A Farm at Nærum near Søllerød, with Nærumgaard in the Distance

  • Francesco Paolo MICHETTI

    The Head of a Youth

  • Aureliano MILANI

    The Abduction of Helen

  • Aureliano MILANI

    The Death of Saint Francis, after Annibale Carracci

  • Jean-François MILLET

    A Reclining Nymph in a Wooded Landscape

  • Jean-François MILLET

    The Return from the Fields (The Evening Star)

  • Pier Francesco MOLA

    Landscape with Erminia Writing the Name of Tancred on a Tree

  • Carton MOORE-PARK

    A Stork (Twenty-Six Birds): Design for a Book Illustration


    A Young Moroccan Girl

  • Isaac de MOUCHERON

    Italianate Landscape with Shepherds Dancing among Classical Ruins

  • Charles MOZIN

    A Coastal Cliff in Normandy

  • Alphonse MUCHA

    A Woman with a Cockerel: Design for the Title of the Magazine Cocorico

  • Giovanni Battista NALDINI

    A Standing Male Nude, Holding onto a Ring and Looking Upwards

  • Filippo NAPOLETANO

    Ships on a Stormy Sea

  • Filippo NAPOLETANO

    Studies of the Skull and Skeleton of a Horse

  • Charles-Joseph NATOIRE

    Landscape with a Horseman and Animals before the Temple of Venus and Roma, Rome

  • Charles-Joseph NATOIRE

    The Head of a Young Woman

  • Emil NOLDE

    Head of a South Sea Island Woman (Bildnis einer Südseeinsulanerin)

  • Early 17th century Northern School

    Landscape with a Castle on a Hill

  • Pietro Antonio NOVELLI

    Two Telamons

  • Avanzino NUCCI

    The Marriage of the Virgin

  • William ORPEN

    Portrait of Grace Knewstub Orpen

  • William ORPEN

    Study for The Holy Well: A Nude Couple and a Kneeling Man

  • William ORPEN

    On the Hill of Howth, Co. Dublin

  • William ORPEN

    The Artist’s Wife and Daughter on the Cliff at Howth

  • Lelio ORSI

    The Rape of Ganymede

  • Jean-Baptiste OUDRY

    Belphegor, A Tale by Machiavelli: Roderic and Matheo

  • Jean-Baptiste OUDRY

    Belphegor, A Tale by Machiavelli: Roderic and Honnesta

  • Pierre-Justin OUVRIÉ

    A View of the Saint-Louis Hospital from the Canal Saint Martin, Paris

  • Mimmo PALADINO


  • Pelagio PALAGI

    The Education of Bacchus


    Soldiers Attacking the Defenders of a Walled City


    A Sheet of Figure Studies with the Virgin or a Female Saint, A Man Kneeling Before a Saint, and Several Figures Before a Lion

  • Samuel PALMER

    The Vintage: An Illustration for Charles Dickens's Pictures from Italy

  • Samuel PALMER

    In Vintage Time

  • Pierre-Adrien PÂRIS

    View of the ‘Temple of Jupiter Serapis’ at Pozzuoli, after Hubert Robert

  • Pierre PARROCEL

    The Head of a Bearded Man

  • Joseph-François PARROCEL

    Virtue Defeating Vice

  • Giuseppe PASSERI

    The Virgin and Child with Saints

  • Jean-Baptiste PATER

    A Reclining Man, Seen from Behind

  • Piero Buonacorsi, PERINO DEL VAGA

    Caesar on the River Aoös

  • Savinien PETIT

    Two Hands Holding Keys

  • Savinien PETIT

    The Tomb of Saint Cecilia in Rome

  • Hippolyte PETITJEAN

    Mountainous Landscape

  • Hippolyte PETITJEAN

    The Wave

  • Astolfo PETRAZZI

    The Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes

  • Glyn PHILPOT

    The Head of a Black Man (‘Billy’)

  • Pablo PICASSO

    Picasso II

  • Pablo PICASSO

    The Picador (Le cheval de picador cabré)

  • Pablo PICASSO

    The Artist and his Model (Le peintre et son modèle)

  • Jean-Baptiste Marie PIERRE

    The Head of a Female Figure Wearing a Helmet

  • Jean-Baptiste PILLEMENT

    Pastoral Landscape with Herdsmen and Cattle

  • Jean-Baptiste PILLEMENT

    Pastoral Landscape with Peasants and Sheep

  • Isidore PILS

    A Soldier Pushing a Cannon, and other Studies of Soldiers

  • Giovanni Battista PIRANESI

    A Standing Man with One Knee Resting on a Ledge

  • Biagio PUPINI

    The Coronation of the Virgin with Saint John the Baptist, God the Father Above

  • Erasmus QUELLINUS

    A Trophy of Armour on a Tree Branch

  • Denis-Marie-Auguste RAFFET

    Portrait of the Smuggler Juan Arria, Seated

  • François-Auguste RAVIER

    Landscape with Part of the Aurelian Walls of Rome

  • Libby RAYNHAM


  • Libby RAYNHAM


  • Odilon REDON

    La cape rose

  • Odilon REDON

    The Head of a Young Woman Looking Down (Tête de Femme Penchée)


    The Hillock at Dusk

  • Sir William Blake RICHMOND

    Study of Two Hands

  • Hubert ROBERT

    Laundresses at a Fountain at the Villa Aldobrandini in Frascati

  • Léo-Paul ROBERT

    River Landscape with Small Boats

  • Hubert ROBERT

    Laundresses at a Fountain: Design for a Frontispiece

  • Georges Antoine ROCHEGROSSE

    A Japanese Interior with a Woman and Child: Design for an Illustration

  • Cristoforo RONCALLI

    A Kneeling Male Nude

  • Salvator ROSA

    A Standing Halberdier

  • Paula RÖSLER

    Toadflax [recto]; Studies of Leaves and Wheat [verso]

  • Auguste ROUBILLE

    Le Cri de Paris

  • Carl Andreas RUTHART (attr.)

    A Lion, after Rubens


    Portrait of the Artist’s Mother-in-Law, Mme. Sylvie Monnom-Descamps


    Christ with the Crown of Thorns


    Rinaldo and Armida on a Chariot Drawn by Dragons

  • Gabriel-Jacques De SAINT-AUBIN

    Sheet of Studies of Several Women, One Nursing a Baby, with an Artist Drawing [recto], Three Women in a Landscape [verso]

  • Frederick Sortain SAMUELS

    Plan for the Reconstruction of the South Wing of Somerset House, London


    A Standing Male Nude

  • Rudolf SAUTER

    Storm over a Tor, Dartmoor

  • Piat-Joseph SAUVAGE

    A Frieze of Putti with a Chariot

  • Petrus Johannes SCHOTEL

    Shipping on a Choppy Sea

  • Claude-Emile SCHUFFENECKER

    Coastal Cliffs, Normandy

  • Carlos SCHWABE

    Letter L: Illustration for Paroles d’un croyant by Félicité de Lamennais

  • Friedrich Wilhelm SCHWINGE

    Landscape with Dunes

  • Louis-Auguste de SCHWITER

    View over the Roof of a House (Hampstead Heath?)


    Study of Trees

  • Augusto SEZANNE

    Head of a Young Boy in Profile

  • Walter Richard SICKERT

    Portrait of Giovanni Boldini

  • Walter Richard SICKERT

    The Church of Santa Maria Maddalena, Venice

  • Joseph (Josef) SIMA

    The Sea

  • Henry SOMM

    Wildflowers at the Base of a Tree

  • Théophile-Alexandre STEINLEN

    Au Bois de Boulogne

  • Jan van der Straet STRADANUS

    Saint John the Evangelist

  • William STRANG

    Portrait of the Artist’s Daughter, Nancy Strang

  • Donald SULTAN

    Black Roses


    Teeming Pit

  • Jacques-François-Joseph SWEBACH-DESFONTAINES

    Elegant Figures Preparing to go Riding

  • Jacques-François-Joseph SWEBACH-DESFONTAINES

    A Horse-Drawn Carriage and its Team

  • Charles Robinson SYKES

    A Woman Stepping into a Bath

  • Jean-Baptiste TAVERNIER

    A Calligraphic Design for a Frontispiece

  • Barend Hendrik THIER

    A Woman with a Lantern in a Barn

  • Giovanni Domenico TIEPOLO

    Saint Peter Healing the Paralytic of Lydda

  • Giovanni Battista TIEPOLO

    Allegorical Figures of Valour and Fame: The Apotheosis of a Warrior

  • Giovanni Domenico TIEPOLO

    Saint Anthony of Padua with the Christ Child in Glory with Angels

  • Giovanni Battista TIEPOLO

    A Sheet of Studies of Three Heads of Satyrs and the Head of Bacchus

  • Jan TOOROP

    Portrait of the Rev. Dr. Jan Heldring

  • Jan TOOROP

    Portrait of the Artist Lambert Lourijsen

  • Jan TOOROP

    The Dream of the Seven Hills (De Droom der Zeven Heuvelen)

  • Wallerant VAILLANT

    Portrait of a Man, Wearing an Embroidered Collar over Armour

  • Willem VAN DEN BERG

    Volendammer in Profile (Klaas Zwarthoed or ‘Pinkhof’)

  • Willem VAN DEN BERG

    A Volendammer (Fredrik Schokker or Kleine Frerik)

  • Jacob VAN DER ULFT

    A Procession Before a Circular Temple

  • Abraham VAN DIJCK

    A Seated Youth with a Book


    Reclining Nude with Red Stockings (Nu couché aux bas rouges)

  • Lucas VAN UDEN

    A Wooded Landscape with Houses Seen Across a River

  • François-Antoine VASSÉ

    Design for a Decorative Motif: A Partially Draped Young Woman Holding a Sconce Aloft

  • Keith VAUGHAN

    Stacking Hay

  • Reinier VINKELES

    A View of the Keizersgracht in Amsterdam, with Figures Leaving the Stadsschouwburg Theatre

  • Cornelis VISSCHER

    Portrait of a Young Man, Probably a Self-Portrait

  • Baldassare Franceschini VOLTERRANO

    Study of Two Variant Designs for a Cartouche [recto]; Studies of Frames or Cartouches [verso]

  • Edouard VUILLARD

    A Woman Wearing a Beret

  • Edouard VUILLARD

    Portrait of Jean Reiss

  • Edouard VUILLARD

    The Square Berlioz on the Place Vintimille, Paris

  • John Dawson WATSON

    Haystack, Inver, Perthshire

  • Henry WECLAWOWICZ, called WECLA

    Woman in a Fur-Trimmed Beige Coat by Lucien Lelong: Design for the Cover of Voici La Mode Magazine

  • Edwin Lord WEEKS

    Study of a Mounted Arab Warrior


    Design for a 1936 Post Office Telegram

  • Kyffin WILLIAMS

    Hill Farmer (Wil Ifan)

  • Hermann WÖHLER

    Mountainous Landscape


    Study of an Arab Girl

  • Christopher WOOD

    A Reclining Female Nude

  • Thomas WORLIDGE

    Study of a Man Wearing a Turban

  • Thomas WORLIDGE

    Study of a Man With a Headscarf

  • Alexander YAKOVLEV

    Portrait of Prince Luigi Amedeo de Savoia, Duke of the Abruzzi

  • Lidia Alexandrovna ZHOLTKEVICH

    The Voice of the Sugar Factory Worker

  • Aloys ZÖTL

    Two Amazonian Horned Frogs (Ceratophrys cornuta)