London 1880 - Glasgow 1926


Born in Islington, Warwick Reynolds was the son of a cartoonist and illustrator of the same name. He studied in London at the Grosvenor Studio and the St. John’s Wood Art School, and in 1895 began working as a magazine illustrator, eventually contributing to such publications as The Idler, Pearson’s Magazine, The Quiver and The Strand Magazine, among others. Reynolds had a particular interest in depicting animals, and made studies at the London Zoo at Regent’s Park between 1895 and 1901, where he earned an artist’s ticket at the age of thirteen. He also illustrated a number of books on wildlife themes, including H. Mortimer Batten’s Habits and Characters of British Wild Animals, published in 1920, and Dwellers in the Jungle by Gordon Casserly, which appeared in 1927. In 1906 Reynolds settled in Glasgow, where he was employed as a staff artist for the Daily Record newspaper. He lived and worked in Glasgow for the remainder of his career, apart from a year spent in Paris in 1908, where he enrolled at the Académie Julian. He made drawings of animals at the Edinburgh Zoo, and exhibited his work at the Royal Academy, the Royal Glasgow Institute of Fine Arts and the Royal Scottish Academy. He died in 1926 at the age of forty-six, and the following year memorial exhibitions of his work were held at the Sporting Gallery in London and the Wellington Art Galleries in Glasgow.

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