Petrus Johannes SCHOTEL

Dordrecht 1808 - Dresden 1865


The son of the illustrious marine painter Johannes Christiaan Schotel (1787-1838), Petrus Schotel was also active as a painter of seascapes, and indeed his unsigned work is sometimes confused with that of his father. A period of study and travel in France between 1827 and 1829 had a significant effect on his style. Schotel worked for several years as a drawing teacher at the Koninklijk Marine Instituut in Medemblik, and was recognized for his particular knowledge of the historical and technical details of ships. From 1851 to 1856 he worked in Kampen before settling in Düsseldorf, where he remained until 1860, when he moved to Dresden. He exhibited in Amsterdam, Groningen, The Hague and Rotterdam between 1817 and 1864. Paintings by Petrus Schotel are in the museums of Amsterdam, Haarlem and Rotterdam, as well as in Antwerp and Cologne. Drawings by the artist are in museums in Amsterdam, Dordrecht, Haarlem, Otterlo, Rotterdam and Stuttgart.