Pierre-Justin OUVRIÉ

Paris 1806 - Rouen 1879


A student of Abel de Pujol and Chatillon, Justin Ouvrié exhibited both landscape paintings and town views at the Salon between 1831 (when he won a second class medal) and 1873. (His work was also included in several of the Dutch exhibitions of Works by Living Masters between 1849 and 1870.) Ouvrié’s exhibited work was made up primarily of paintings, drawings and lithographs of landscapes and city views, produced during his extensive travels throughout France and elsewhere in Europe; notably in Germany, Holland, Belgium and Italy, as well as views in England and Scotland. He also provided illustrations for his uncle Baron Taylor’s monumental series of Voyages pittoresques et romantiques dans l’ancienne France, published between 1820 and 1878. Ouvrié was particularly admired for his watercolours, some of which sold for higher prices than his paintings. Among his patrons was Louis-Philippe, who acquired a large number of Ouvrie’s works.