Under £10,000 GBP

  • Henri ADAM

    Woodland Scene

  • Paul ALLIER

    Le Billet Doux (Incroyable and Merveilleuse)

  • Sir Lawrence ALMA-TADEMA

    Three Studies of Drapery for The Contrary Oracle [recto]; Three Studies of a Standing Male Nude [verso]

  • Sir Lawrence ALMA-TADEMA

    Two Studies of Drapery for The Contrary Oracle

  • Sir Lawrence ALMA-TADEMA

    Two Studies of an Egyptian Headress

  • Sir Lawrence ALMA-TADEMA

    Three Drapery Studies


    Air Polo, The Next Thing in Games: Illustration for Puck Magazine

  • Clément-Auguste ANDRIEUX

    A Cavalry Skirmish

  • Maxwell ARMFIELD

    ‘How the Camel Unbent’: Study for The Armfields’ Animal-Book

  • Maxwell ARMFIELD

    Three Feathers

  • Stanley Roy BADMIN

    St. Ives, Cornwall

  • Albert BALLU

    A Street in Algiers

  • Pieter BARBIERS

    A Man Pushing Out a Boat

  • Alfredo BARUFFI

    Silvia Cacciatrice: An Illustration for Torquato Tasso’s Aminta

  • Eduard BENDEMANN

    A Young Boy Reading at a Table [recto]; The Head of a Young Boy

  • Léon BENIGNI

    An Elegant Couple: Design for the Cover of the Magazine Voici La Mode / Art Goût Beauté

  • Edmund BERNINGER

    Landscape in Capri

  • Pancrace BESSA

    Two Peaches

  • Pancrace BESSA

    Two Apricots on a Branch

  • William Roxby BEVERLEY

    Fishing Boats on a Beach

  • Andreas BODAN

    Death and the Scholar

  • Jean-Jacques de BOISSIEU

    A Ruined Farmhouse

  • Paul BONET

    Jeanne d’Arc: Design for a Bookbinding

  • François-Auguste BONHEUR

    Mountain Landscape in the Auvergne


    A Woman Skiing and Two Women Looking to the Left


    Women at a Bar


    Man Confronted by Cubism (La peinture absolue)


    Two Men Choosing a Cane


    A Walking Man in a Suit, with a Cane


    A Dancing Man


    A Horse and Carriage


    An Elegantly Dressed Standing Woman Observed by Two Men in a Carriage


    Three Men Drinking


    A Recumbent Woman and a Standing Man


    A Family Looking at a Painting, with the Artist

  • George Price BOYCE

    Nocturne: The Nile at Gizeh

  • Rodolphe BRESDIN

    Landscape with Fishermen

  • Frederick Arthur BRIDGMAN

    An Arcade in Thun, Switzerland

  • Frederick Arthur BRIDGMAN

    Study of a Tree

  • Henry BRIGHT

    Wooded Landscape with an Approaching Storm

  • Pierre BRISSAUD

    Sidesaddle: Design for the Cover of Vogue

  • Pierre-Nicolas BRISSET

    The Head of a Choirboy

  • Albertus BRONDGEEST

    Studies of a Plow, Baskets and Agricultural Implements

  • Silas BROUX

    Night, after Michelangelo


    Design for a Stage Set: America

  • Edward Coley BURNE-JONES

    Study of the Torso and Right Leg of a Man

  • Paul CADMUS

    Vermont Waterfall No.1

  • Domenico CAMPAGNOLA

    Landscape with a Mill

  • Giovanni Battista CAPPELLO

    A Bird in an Extensive Landscape, in a Decorated Surround

  • Giuseppe CASCIARO

    The Park of Capodimonte in Naples

  • Giuseppe CASCIARO

    Coastal Cliffs

  • Eugène CICERI

    Landscape at Quimperlé, Brittany

  • Georges CLAIRIN

    The Venetian Lagoon

  • Georges CLAIRIN

    Study of Thistles

  • Anne CONNELL

    The Scheme of Things

  • Anne CONNELL

    A Little Sanctuary

  • Anne CONNELL


  • Anne CONNELL

    Parted Per Pale

  • Anne CONNELL


  • Anne CONNELL

    Golden Rectangle, No.8

  • Anne CONNELL

    A Favourable Reply

  • Fernand CORMON

    The Head of a Young Girl in Profile

  • Walter CRANE

    Landscape near Tunbridge Wells, Kent

  • Louis-Amable CRAPELET

    Sunset in Egypt, with Two Bedouin on Camels

  • Thomas Hartley CROMEK

    Study of Plants, Ariccia

  • Henri Edmond CROSS

    Studies of Waves

  • Henri Edmond CROSS

    A Design for a Dish

  • Herbert DALZIEL

    The Kiln

  • Philibert-Benoît DE LA RUE

    Study for a Frontispiece or Monument, with Allegorical Figures Surrounding an Oval Portrait of a Young Woman

  • Emile DE SPECHT

    A Presumed Portrait of Edgar Degas

  • Stefano DELLA BELLA

    Designs for a Table Ornament: A Saltcellar(?) in the Form of a Child Resting on a Bundle of Wheatstalks, Holding a Platter


    Studies of an Eagle


    Studies of the Wings of an Eagle

  • Marcellin DESBOUTIN

    Study of a Left Hand

  • Aignan-Thomas DESFRICHES

    Washerwomen by a Lake, a Mill in the Background

  • Aignan-Thomas DESFRICHES

    Horsemen in a Landscape with Classical Ruins

  • André DEVAMBEZ

    Sur l’herbe: A Group of Figures in a Landscape

  • Balthasar Anton DUNKER

    The Corner of a Terrace, with Flower Pots, Garden Tools and a Straw Hat


    Caricature of an Artist, thought to be Adolphe Crespin, Painting at an Easel


    A Seated Artist, Possibly Toulouse-Lautrec, Drawing at an Easel

  • Eduard FECHNER

    The Head of a Young Boy Wearing a Fur Hat


    A Half-Length Study of a Male Nude Holding a Staff

  • Alexandre Thomas FRANCIA

    A Still Life of Letters, Cards, an Envelope, a Pencil, a Match and a Cigar Stub

  • Roberto FRANZONI

    An Allegory of Fame, in Honour of Giuseppe Verdi

  • Domenico Maria FRATTA

    Six Drawings on an Album Page: a. The Head of a Satyr b. The Head of a Satyr c. Mother and Child d. The Head of a Woman e. The Head of a Woman f. Mother and Child

  • 18th Century FRENCH SCHOOL

    A Cavalier

  • 19th Century FRENCH SCHOOL

    The Head of a Young Boy Wearing a Cap

  • 19th Century FRENCH SCHOOL

    An Artist Seated at an Easel

  • 19th Century FRENCH SCHOOL

    The Church of the Invalides, Paris

  • Carl Ludwig FROMMEL

    An Ancient Doorway at Tivoli

  • Friedrich Heinrich FUGER

    Portrait of Angelica Kaufmann

  • Pierre Victor GALLAND

    Study for L'Astuce, a Decorative Panel for the Hôtel Cail, Paris

  • Mauro GANDOLFI

    Seven Studies of Heads

  • William Fraser GARDEN

    River Landscape near St. Ives, Huntingdonshire

  • William Fraser GARDEN

    The Bridge at St. Ives, Huntingdonshire

  • Alethea GARSTIN

    The Moroccan Bride

  • Ingrid GERHARDT

    A Study of Foliage with White Berries

  • Ingrid GERHARDT

    Landscape with a Bridge over a Stream

  • Giacinto GIGANTE

    Casarlano, near Sorrento


    A Frog in an Overcoat, Holding a Top Hat and Cane

  • René GRUAU

    Woman with a Long Head Scarf: Design for the Cover of International Textiles Magazine (July 1971)

  • René GRUAU

    Design for the Cover of Sir Magazine (No.4, 1964)

  • Charles GUILLOUX

    Autumn Landscape with a Figure on a Path

  • Henri Joseph HARPIGNIES

    A Stream in an Arid Landscape

  • Louis HAYET

    A Tugboat on the Quai Bucherelle, Pontoise

  • Louis HAYET

    Gas Lamps, Paris

  • Ferdinand HEILBUTH

    An Elegant Woman Seated by a River

  • Willem HEKKING

    Three Plums on a Branch

  • Willem HEKKING

    Two Plums and a Tomato

  • Willem HEKKING

    An Orange

  • Marcel-Jacques HEMJIC

    An Elegant Woman and Child in a Snowfall

  • Hubert von HERKOMER

    Study of the Head of a Bavarian Man

  • Gustav Friedrich HETSCH

    An Imaginary Reconstruction of the Roman Forum

  • Sergius HRUBY

    A Young Woman Contemplating a Portrait: Design for a Poster or Advertisement

  • Paul HUET

    The ‘Song of the Sea’ Cliffs at Nanjizal Cove, Land’s End, Cornwall

  • 18th Century ITALIAN SCHOOL

    A Choir of Angels with Musical Instruments

  • Charles Sargeant JAGGER

    Cathal and the Woodfolk

  • Sigismond JEANÈS

    A November Evening on Lake Garda, Val du Col Loppio, Trentino

  • Kasparus KARSEN

    A View of a Church and a Town Square

  • Arthur Charles KEMP

    Red Sky over Loch Harray, Orkney

  • Jessie Marion KING

    Book Cover for Werke Alter Meister, Berlin

  • Jessie Marion KING

    Back of Tenements, Paris

  • P. Michael KOTASEK

    Try Pots

  • Victor KOULBAK


  • Cornelis KRUSEMAN

    The Artist Nicolaas Pieneman Standing at a Table

  • Henri LE SIDANER

    A Fountain in a Village Square

  • Karl-Ernest-Rudolph-Heinrich Salem LEHMANN

    Study of a Standing Draped Man

  • Louis-Auguste LEPERE

    A Grove of White Poplar Trees

  • Henri-Léopold LÉVY

    The Head of a Youth

  • Ermenegildo LODI

    Study of a Man Sheathing a Sword, Facing Right

  • Ermenegildo LODI

    Study of a Man Sheathing a Sword, Looking Down

  • Luigi LOIR

    A Naval Display

  • Philippe-Jacques de LOUTHERBOURG

    Pastoral Scene with a Shepherd and Shepherdess

  • Ernest Stephen LUMSDEN

    Northern Twilight

  • André Edouard MARTY

    A Woman and Child Seated in a Tropical Landscape

  • Maxime MAUFRA

    Coastal Landscape in Brittany

  • Anton MAUVE

    Cows in the Corner of a Field

  • Achille Lucien MAUZAN

    Sir: Primo ed Unico Registratore Italiano

  • Mathurin MEHEUT

    Peacocks: Notes de Céramique

  • Bernard MENINSKY

    Still Life with a Knife and Grapes

  • Jean-Adrien MERCIER

    Two Women in a Cemetery in Rabat, Morocco

  • Carl Ludvig MESSMAN

    A Farm at Nærum near Søllerød, with Nærumgaard in the Distance

  • Aureliano MILANI

    The Death of Saint Francis, after Annibale Carracci

  • Jean-François MILLET

    Landscape in the Environs of Vichy

  • Guglielmo Caccia MONCALVO

    Flying Putti Holding a Veil and a Crown, Another with a Censer Below

  • Carton MOORE-PARK

    A Stork (Twenty-Six Birds): Design for a Book Illustration


    A Young Moroccan Girl

  • Isaac de MOUCHERON

    Italianate Landscape with Shepherds Dancing among Classical Ruins

  • Charles MOZIN

    A Coastal Cliff in Normandy

  • Filippo NAPOLETANO

    Ships on a Stormy Sea

  • Early 17th century Northern School

    The Martyrdom of Saint Paul

  • Early 17th century Northern School

    The Martyrdom of Saint Peter

  • Pierre-Justin OUVRIÉ

    A View of the Saint-Louis Hospital from the Canal Saint Martin, Paris

  • Mimmo PALADINO



    A Sheet of Figure Studies with the Virgin or a Female Saint, A Man Kneeling Before a Saint, and Several Figures Before a Lion

  • Phillipe-Louis PARIZEAU

    A Sheet of Studies of Five Legs, One of a Child

  • Phillipe-Louis PARIZEAU

    A Sheet of Studies of Four Arms

  • Pierre PARROCEL

    The Head of a Bearded Man

  • Astolfo PETRAZZI

    The Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes

  • Isidore PILS

    A Soldier Pushing a Cannon, and other Studies of Soldiers

  • François-Auguste RAVIER

    Landscape with Part of the Aurelian Walls of Rome

  • Sir William Blake RICHMOND

    Study of Two Hands

  • Léo-Paul ROBERT

    River Landscape with Small Boats

  • Georges Antoine ROCHEGROSSE

    A Japanese Interior with a Woman and Child: Design for an Illustration

  • Auguste ROUBILLE

    Le Cri de Paris

  • Henry RYLAND

    Study of Bay Leaves

  • Rudolf SAUTER

    Storm over a Tor, Dartmoor

  • Piat-Joseph SAUVAGE

    A Frieze of Putti with a Chariot

  • Johannes Christiaan SCHOTEL

    A Seated Woman with a Basket

  • Carlos SCHWABE

    Letter L: Illustration for Paroles d’un croyant by Félicité de Lamennais

  • Friedrich Wilhelm SCHWINGE

    Landscape with Dunes

  • Louis-Auguste de SCHWITER

    View over the Roof of a House (Hampstead Heath?)


    A Young Boy Drawing


    Three Children Drawing

  • Augusto SEZANNE

    Head of a Young Boy in Profile

  • Francis Wilford-Smith SMILBY

    Joker and a Suit of Cards: Cover Artwork for Punch Magazine

  • Henry SOMM

    Wildflowers at the Base of a Tree

  • John George SOWERBY

    The Kingfisher’s Haunt

  • Edmund STEPPES

    Study of a Toad

  • Abel STIMMER

    An Allegory of Touch: Design for a Stained-Glass Roundel

  • William STRANG

    Portrait of the Artist’s Daughter, Nancy Strang

  • William STRANG

    Portrait of a Man

  • Donald SULTAN

    Black Roses

  • Jean-Baptiste TAVERNIER

    A Calligraphic Design for a Frontispiece

  • Barend Hendrik THIER

    A Woman with a Lantern in a Barn


    The Cafe, Honfleur

  • Théodore VALERIO

    Three Studies of an Italian Peasant Woman

  • François-Antoine VASSÉ

    Design for a Decorative Motif: A Partially Draped Young Woman Holding a Sconce Aloft

  • Baldassare Franceschini VOLTERRANO

    Study of Two Variant Designs for a Cartouche [recto]; Studies of Frames or Cartouches [verso]

  • John Dawson WATSON

    Haystack, Inver, Perthshire

  • George Frederic WATTS

    View of a Mountain Range

  • Henry WECLAWOWICZ, called WECLA

    Woman in a Fur-Trimmed Beige Coat by Lucien Lelong: Design for the Cover of Voici La Mode Magazine

  • Edwin Lord WEEKS

    Study of a Mounted Arab Warrior


    Design for a 1936 Post Office Telegram

  • Jean-Baptiste WICAR

    A Sculpture of a Draped Woman, after the Antique


    Study of a Crying Child

  • Thomas WORLIDGE

    Study of a Man Wearing a Turban

  • Thomas WORLIDGE

    Study of a Man With a Headscarf

  • Lidia Alexandrovna ZHOLTKEVICH

    The Voice of the Sugar Factory Worker