Other countries

  • Pedro Atanasio BOCANEGRA

    The Flight into Egypt [recto]; Study of a Seated Male Nude and a Sketch of the Forelegs of a Horse or Donkey [verso]

  • Emilio DELLA SUDDA

    Portrait of a Man Seated at a Piano (Giacomo Puccini?)

  • Julio GONZALEZ

    Women and Child with a Dog (Maternité au chien)

  • Gustav Friedrich HETSCH

    An Imaginary Reconstruction of the Roman Forum

  • Victor KOULBAK


  • Frantisek KUPKA


  • William ORPEN

    The Artist’s Wife and Daughter on the Cliff at Howth

  • Pablo PICASSO

    The Artist and his Model (Le peintre et son modèle)

  • Joseph (Josef) SIMA

    The Sea


    The Staircase at 54, rue de Seine, Paris