Italian Drawings

  • Giovanni BALDUCCI

    The Visitation [recto]; Sketch for The Visitation and a Design for its Frame and the Altar Chapel Facade [verso]

  • Giacomo BALLA

    Forme rumore

  • Alfredo BARUFFI

    Silvia Cacciatrice: An Illustration for Torquato Tasso’s Aminta

  • Antonio BASOLI

    The Interior of an Egyptian Temple

  • Marcantonio BASSETTI

    A Triumphal Procession with Prisoners and Horsemen Before a Chariot Bearing a Conqueror Crowned by Fame

  • Marcantonio BASSETTI

    A Triumphal Procession with Musicians Before a Chariot and Horsemen Behind

  • Mosé BIANCHI

    Studies of Women [recto], Two Studies of a Woman Holding a Laurel Wreath [verso]

  • Giuseppe Bernardino BISON

    Three Figures in a Moonlit Landscape

  • Giuseppe Bernardino BISON

    Two Elegantly Dressed Ladies Holding Flowers

  • Giovanni BOLDINI

    Study of Bernini’s Equestrian Statue of Louis XIV at Versailles

  • Giovanni BOLDINI

    A Man Standing in the Artist’s Studio

  • Giovanni BOLDINI

    A Man Playing a Piano in the Artist’s Studio

  • Andrea BOSCOLI

    Two Studies of a Flayed Male Nude, after Pietro Francavilla

  • Andrea BOSCOLI

    Judith Preparing to Visit Holofernes


    Design for a Stage Set: America

  • Domenico CAMPAGNOLA

    Landscape with a Mill

  • Giovanni Battista CAPPELLO

    A Bird in an Extensive Landscape, in a Decorated Surround

  • Agostino CARRACCI

    God the Father

  • Rosalba CARRIERA

    The Virgin in Prayer

  • Giuseppe CASCIARO

    The Faraglioni at Capri

  • Giuseppe CASCIARO

    Coastal Landscape

  • Giuseppe CASCIARO

    The Park of Capodimonte in Naples

  • Giuseppe CASCIARO

    Coastal Cliffs

  • Alessandro CASOLANI

    Study of an Angel

  • Alessandro CASOLANI

    Two Studies of a Winged Putto

  • Giacomo CAVEDONE

    The Head of a Bearded Man

  • Giacomo CAVEDONE

    A Man Rowing [recto]; The Head of a Woman, Looking to the Left [verso]

  • Francesco Montelatici CECCO BRAVO

    Two Standing Figures

  • Bartolomeo CESI

    A Young Man Wearing Pantaloons

  • Carlo CIGNANI

    The Head of a Child Looking Down

  • Sigismondo COCCAPANI

    Susanna and the Elders

  • Belisario CORENZIO

    Three Designs for Pendentives with Allegorical Female Figures

  • Donato CRETI

    Five Drawings on an Album Page: a. A Mythological Female Figure (Diana?), Looking Up to the Left b. A Winged Putto, Flying to the Right c. A Winged Putto, Flying to the Left d. The Head of a Woman, Resting her Chin on her Hand (Mary Magdalene?) e. The Head of a Bearded Man

  • Domenico (Mino) DELLE SITE

    Sogno dell’ aviere (The Dream of the Airman)

  • Domenico (Mino) DELLE SITE

    Aeropittura (Aeropainting)

  • Domenico (Mino) DELLE SITE

    Sintesi di virata (Synthesis of a Turn)

  • Pietro FACCINI

    Study of a Seated Youth, Leaning to the Right

  • Pietro FANCELLI

    A Vision of the Madonna and Child with Saint Anthony Abbot and Another Monk Appearing to an Officer

  • Paolo FARINATI

    The Virgin and Child with Saints Catherine of Alexandria and John the Baptist, with Two Donors Below

  • Pierfrancesco FOSCHI

    The Virgin and Child with the Infant Saint John the Baptist

  • Roberto FRANZONI

    An Allegory of Fame, in Honour of Giuseppe Verdi

  • Ubaldo GANDOLFI

    Three Men Playing Dice in a Landscape

  • Ubaldo GANDOLFI

    Design for a Monument or Frontispiece, with a Male and Female Figure Flanking a Cartouche, Three Putti Holding a Garland Above

  • Gaetano GANDOLFI

    The Head of a Young Woman

  • Vincenzo GEMITO

    Study of a Bearded Man, Looking to the Left

  • Giacinto GIGANTE

    Casarlano, near Sorrento

  • Giovanni Francesco GRIMALDI

    Wooded Landscape with a Castle

  • Ermenegildo LODI

    Study of a Man Sheathing a Sword, Facing Right

  • Ermenegildo LODI

    Study of a Man Sheathing a Sword, Looking Down

  • Alessandro MAGANZA

    Two Allegorical Figures (Bacchus and Ariadne?)

  • Carlo MARATTI

    The Head of a Young Boy [recto]; The Penitent Saint Peter [verso]


    Study for a Massacre of the Innocents: A Roman Soldier with a Mother and Child [recto]; A Group of Draped Women and Children [verso]

  • Francesco Paolo MICHETTI

    The Head of a Youth

  • Aureliano MILANI

    Ecce Homo

  • Aureliano MILANI

    The Abduction of Helen

  • Aureliano MILANI

    The Death of Saint Francis, after Annibale Carracci

  • Pier Francesco MOLA

    Landscape with Erminia Writing the Name of Tancred on a Tree

  • Giovanni Battista NALDINI

    A Standing Male Nude, Holding onto a Ring and Looking Upwards

  • Filippo NAPOLETANO

    Ships on a Stormy Sea

  • Filippo NAPOLETANO

    Studies of the Skull and Skeleton of a Horse

  • Pietro Antonio NOVELLI

    Two Telamons

  • Avanzino NUCCI

    The Marriage of the Virgin

  • Lelio ORSI

    The Rape of Ganymede

  • Mimmo PALADINO


  • Pelagio PALAGI

    The Education of Bacchus


    Soldiers Attacking the Defenders of a Walled City


    A Sheet of Figure Studies with the Virgin or a Female Saint, A Man Kneeling Before a Saint, and Several Figures Before a Lion

  • Giuseppe PASSERI

    The Virgin and Child with Saints

  • Piero Buonacorsi, PERINO DEL VAGA

    Caesar on the River Aoös

  • Astolfo PETRAZZI

    The Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes

  • Giovanni Battista PIRANESI

    A Standing Man with One Knee Resting on a Ledge

  • Biagio PUPINI

    The Coronation of the Virgin with Saint John the Baptist, God the Father Above

  • Cristoforo RONCALLI

    A Kneeling Male Nude

  • Salvator ROSA

    A Standing Halberdier


    Christ with the Crown of Thorns


    Rinaldo and Armida on a Chariot Drawn by Dragons


    A Standing Male Nude

  • Augusto SEZANNE

    Head of a Young Boy in Profile

  • Jan van der Straet STRADANUS

    Saint John the Evangelist

  • Giovanni Domenico TIEPOLO

    Saint Peter Healing the Paralytic of Lydda

  • Giovanni Battista TIEPOLO

    Allegorical Figures of Valour and Fame: The Apotheosis of a Warrior

  • Giovanni Domenico TIEPOLO

    Saint Anthony of Padua with the Christ Child in Glory with Angels

  • Giovanni Battista TIEPOLO

    A Sheet of Studies of Three Heads of Satyrs and the Head of Bacchus

  • Baldassare Franceschini VOLTERRANO

    Study of Two Variant Designs for a Cartouche [recto]; Studies of Frames or Cartouches [verso]