Dutch and Flemish Drawings


    A Fisherman on a Beach

  • Jan van der Straet STRADANUS

    The Head of Saint John the Baptist

  • Jan van der Straet STRADANUS

    Saint John the Evangelist

  • Willem VAN DEN BERG

    Kleine Frerik: A Fisherman from Volendam

  • Willem HEKKING

    Three Plums on a Branch

  • Willem HEKKING

    Two Plums and a Tomato

  • Willem HEKKING

    An Orange

  • Godfried MAES

    The Head of Medusa

  • Barend Hendrik THIER

    A Woman with a Lantern in a Barn

  • Sir Lawrence ALMA-TADEMA

    Three Studies of Drapery for The Contrary Oracle [recto]; Three Studies of a Standing Male Nude [verso]

  • Johannes Christiaan SCHOTEL

    A Seated Woman with a Basket

  • Kasparus KARSEN

    A View of a Church and a Town Square

  • Jan TOOROP

    The Dream of the Seven Hills (De Droom der Zeven Heuvelen)

  • Petrus Johannes SCHOTEL

    Shipping on a Choppy Sea

  • Joannes CARTERON

    An Italianate Coastal Landscape with Shipping


    A Young Moroccan Girl

  • Anton MAUVE

    Cows in the Corner of a Field

  • Cornelis KRUSEMAN

    The Artist Nicolaas Pieneman Standing at a Table

  • Pieter BARBIERS

    A Man Pushing Out a Boat


    A Half-Length Study of a Male Nude Holding a Staff

  • Allaert van EVERDINGEN

    A Wooded Landscape, with Traveller on a Path at the Right and a Church and City in the Distance

  • Heinrich CAMPENDONK

    The Horse in the Port (Das Pferd am Hafen)

  • Samuel van HOOGSTRATEN

    A Man Giving Money to a Beggar

  • Jean-Baptiste TAVERNIER

    A Calligraphic Design for a Frontispiece

  • Lieven CRUYL

    The Construction of the Pont Royal, Paris, in 1686

  • Early 17th century Northern School

    The Martyrdom of Saint Paul

  • Early 17th century Northern School

    The Martyrdom of Saint Peter

  • Piat-Joseph SAUVAGE

    A Frieze of Putti with a Chariot

  • Reinier VINKELES

    A View of the Keizersgracht in Amsterdam, with Figures Leaving the Stadsschouwburg Theatre


    A Sun Conure Parrot and a Yellow-Backed Oriole