British Drawings

  • Sir Lawrence ALMA-TADEMA

    Three Studies of Drapery for The Contrary Oracle [recto]; Three Studies of a Standing Male Nude [verso]

  • Sir Lawrence ALMA-TADEMA

    Two Studies of Drapery for The Contrary Oracle

  • Sir Lawrence ALMA-TADEMA

    Two Studies of an Egyptian Headress

  • Sir Lawrence ALMA-TADEMA

    Three Drapery Studies

  • Maxwell ARMFIELD

    ‘How the Camel Unbent’: Study for The Armfields’ Animal-Book

  • Maxwell ARMFIELD

    Three Feathers

  • Frank AUERBACH

    Study after Turner’s The Parting of Hero and Leander [recto]; A Building Site [verso]

  • Frank AUERBACH

    To the Studios

  • Frank AUERBACH

    Drawing for Mornington Crescent

  • Stanley Roy BADMIN

    St. Ives, Cornwall

  • William Roxby BEVERLEY

    Fishing Boats on a Beach

  • David BOMBERG

    Middle Temple

  • George Price BOYCE

    Nocturne: The Nile at Gizeh

  • John BRETT

    Logan Bay, Cornwall

  • Henry BRIGHT

    Wooded Landscape with an Approaching Storm

  • Edward Coley BURNE-JONES

    Study of the Torso and Right Leg of a Man


    Evening in London

  • Louis CHERON

    Tobias and the Angel

  • Walter CRANE

    Landscape near Tunbridge Wells, Kent

  • Thomas Hartley CROMEK

    Study of Plants, Ariccia

  • Lucian FREUD

    Boat, Connemara

  • Joseph Michael GANDY


  • Joseph Michael GANDY

    Near Southwick, Shoreham, West Sussex

  • William Fraser GARDEN

    River Landscape near St. Ives, Huntingdonshire

  • William Fraser GARDEN

    The Bridge at St. Ives, Huntingdonshire

  • Alethea GARSTIN

    The Moroccan Bride

  • Hubert von HERKOMER

    Study of the Head of a Bavarian Man

  • Eliot HODGKIN

    Five Oyster Shells

  • Charles Sargeant JAGGER

    Cathal and the Woodfolk

  • Arthur Charles KEMP

    Red Sky over Loch Harray, Orkney

  • Jessie Marion KING

    Book Cover for Werke Alter Meister, Berlin

  • Jessie Marion KING

    Back of Tenements, Paris

  • Ernest Stephen LUMSDEN

    Northern Twilight

  • Arthur MELVILLE

    A Street Market by a Church, probably in Granville, Normandy

  • Bernard MENINSKY

    Still Life with a Knife and Grapes

  • Carton MOORE-PARK

    A Stork (Twenty-Six Birds): Design for a Book Illustration


    December 1957 (for Jeanne Coppel)

  • William ORPEN

    Study for The Holy Well: A Nude Couple and a Kneeling Man

  • William ORPEN

    On the Hill of Howth, Co. Dublin

  • William ORPEN

    The Artist’s Wife and Daughter on the Cliff at Howth

  • Samuel PALMER

    The Vintage: An Illustration for Charles Dickens's Pictures from Italy

  • Samuel PALMER

    In Vintage Time

  • Libby RAYNHAM


  • Libby RAYNHAM


  • Sir William Blake RICHMOND

    Study of Two Hands

  • John RUSKIN

    Sunset with a Distant View of Abbeville

  • Henry RYLAND

    Study of Bay Leaves

  • Frederick Sortain SAMUELS

    Plan for the Reconstruction of the South Wing of Somerset House, London

  • Rudolf SAUTER

    Storm over a Tor, Dartmoor

  • Walter Richard SICKERT

    Portrait of Giovanni Boldini

  • Walter Richard SICKERT

    The Church of Santa Maria Maddalena, Venice

  • Francis Wilford-Smith SMILBY

    Joker and a Suit of Cards: Cover Artwork for Punch Magazine

  • John George SOWERBY

    The Kingfisher’s Haunt

  • William STRANG

    Portrait of the Artist’s Daughter, Nancy Strang

  • William STRANG

    Portrait of a Man


    Teeming Pit


    The Cafe, Honfleur

  • John Dawson WATSON

    Haystack, Inver, Perthshire

  • George Frederic WATTS

    View of a Mountain Range


    Design for a 1936 Post Office Telegram

  • Kyffin WILLIAMS

    Hill Farmer (Wil Ifan)


    Study of a Crying Child

  • Christopher WOOD

    A Reclining Female Nude

  • Thomas WORLIDGE

    Study of a Man Wearing a Turban

  • Thomas WORLIDGE

    Study of a Man With a Headscarf