18th Century Drawings

  • Giocondo ALBERTOLLI

    Design for a Decorative Wall Panel

  • Pieter BARBIERS

    A Man Pushing Out a Boat

  • Giuseppe Bernardino BISON

    Two Elegantly Dressed Ladies Holding Flowers

  • Jean-Jacques de BOISSIEU

    A Ruined Farmhouse

  • François BOUCHER

    Aurora and Cephalus

  • François BOUCHER

    Neptune Rescuing Amymone

  • Giovanni Antonio Canal, CANALETTO

    An Architectural Capriccio

  • Rosalba CARRIERA

    The Virgin in Prayer

  • Gilles-Paul CAUVET

    An Acanthus Leaf

  • Gilles-Paul CAUVET

    Design for a Decorative Panel with a Cherub Seated on a Globe

  • Gilles-Paul CAUVET

    Design for a Decorative Panel with Two Sirens Holding a Vase Embellished with Dolphins and other Decorative Motifs

  • Claude-Louis CHATELET

    Landscape with an Alpine Waterfall

  • Claude-Louis CHATELET

    Mountain Landscape with a Waterfall

  • Louis CHERON

    Tobias and the Angel

  • Charles-Nicolas COCHIN

    Design for a Fireworks Display

  • Donato CRETI

    A Young Woman

  • Philibert-Benoît DE LA RUE

    Study for a Frontispiece or Monument, with Allegorical Figures Surrounding an Oval Portrait of a Young Woman

  • Baron Dominique-Vivant DENON

    A Seated Woman Wearing a Feathered Hat

  • Aignan-Thomas DESFRICHES

    Washerwomen by a Lake, a Mill in the Background

  • Aignan-Thomas DESFRICHES

    Horsemen in a Landscape with Classical Ruins

  • Aignan-Thomas DESFRICHES

    A View of the Pont-Royal in Orléans, with the Construction of a Pier in the Foreground

  • Jean-Baptiste DESHAYS

    The Raising of Lazarus

  • Louis-Jean DESPREZ

    The Temple of Segesta in Sicily


    Design for a Trophy: Les Arms Ottomans


    Design for a Trophy: La Marine

  • Balthasar Anton DUNKER

    The Corner of a Terrace, with Flower Pots, Garden Tools and a Straw Hat

  • Pietro FANCELLI

    A Vision of the Madonna and Child with Saint Anthony Abbot and Another Monk Appearing to an Officer

  • Jean Honoré FRAGONARD

    A Statue in a Garden

  • Domenico Maria FRATTA

    Six Drawings on an Album Page: a. The Head of a Satyr b. The Head of a Satyr c. Mother and Child d. The Head of a Woman e. The Head of a Woman f. Mother and Child

  • 18th Century FRENCH SCHOOL

    A Cavalier

  • Friedrich Heinrich FUGER

    Portrait of Angelica Kaufmann

  • Ubaldo GANDOLFI

    Three Men Playing Dice in a Landscape

  • Mauro GANDOLFI

    Seven Studies of Heads

  • Ubaldo GANDOLFI

    Design for a Monument or Frontispiece, with a Male and Female Figure Flanking a Cartouche, Three Putti Holding a Garland Above

  • Gaetano GANDOLFI

    The Head of a Young Woman

  • Jean-Baptiste HUET

    Winter Landscape with Two Children

  • 18th Century ITALIAN SCHOOL

    A Choir of Angels with Musical Instruments

  • Jean-Baptiste LE PRINCE

    A Russian Peasant Family in an Interior

  • Philippe-Jacques de LOUTHERBOURG

    Pastoral Scene with a Shepherd and Shepherdess

  • Aureliano MILANI

    The Abduction of Helen

  • Aureliano MILANI

    The Death of Saint Francis, after Annibale Carracci

  • Francesco MONTI

    Study of a Male Nude Holding a Pole

  • Isaac de MOUCHERON

    Italianate Landscape with Shepherds Dancing among Classical Ruins

  • Pietro Antonio NOVELLI

    Two Telamons

  • Jean-Baptiste OUDRY

    Belphegor, A Tale by Machiavelli: Roderic and Matheo

  • Jean-Baptiste OUDRY

    Belphegor, A Tale by Machiavelli: Roderic and Honnesta

  • Phillipe-Louis PARIZEAU

    A Sheet of Studies of Five Legs, One of a Child

  • Phillipe-Louis PARIZEAU

    A Sheet of Studies of Four Arms

  • Pierre PARROCEL

    The Head of a Bearded Man

  • Joseph-François PARROCEL

    Virtue Defeating Vice

  • Jean-Baptiste PATER

    A Reclining Man, Seen from Behind

  • Jean-Baptiste Marie PIERRE

    The Head of a Female Figure Wearing a Helmet

  • Jean-Baptiste PILLEMENT

    Pastoral Landscape with Herdsmen and Cattle

  • Jean-Baptiste PILLEMENT

    Pastoral Landscape with Peasants and Sheep

  • Jean-Baptiste PILLEMENT

    River Landscape with a Ruined Tower

  • Hubert ROBERT

    An Architectural Capriccio of the Roman Forum, with Figures by the Temple of Castor and Pollux and the Arch of Titus

  • Hubert ROBERT

    Laundresses at a Fountain: Design for a Frontispiece

  • Gabriel-Jacques De SAINT-AUBIN

    Sheet of Studies of Several Women, One Nursing a Baby, with an Artist Drawing [recto], Three Women in a Landscape [verso]

  • Gabriel-Jacques De SAINT-AUBIN

    Figures at a Picnic by a Farm

  • Piat-Joseph SAUVAGE

    A Frieze of Putti with a Chariot

  • Barend Hendrik THIER

    A Woman with a Lantern in a Barn

  • Giovanni Domenico TIEPOLO

    Saint Peter Healing the Paralytic of Lydda

  • Giovanni Domenico TIEPOLO

    Saint Anthony of Padua with the Christ Child in Glory with Angels

  • Giovanni Battista TIEPOLO

    A Sheet of Studies of Three Heads of Satyrs and the Head of Bacchus

  • François-Antoine VASSÉ

    Design for a Decorative Motif: A Partially Draped Young Woman Holding a Sconce Aloft

  • Reinier VINKELES

    A View of the Keizersgracht in Amsterdam, with Figures Leaving the Stadsschouwburg Theatre

  • Jean-Antoine WATTEAU

    Studies of a Woman Spurning a Man’s Advances and a Woman Leaning Back

  • Jean-Baptiste WICAR

    A Sculpture of a Draped Woman, after the Antique

  • Thomas WORLIDGE

    Study of a Man Wearing a Turban

  • Thomas WORLIDGE

    Study of a Man With a Headscarf

  • Adrian ZINGG

    Fishermen on the River Zschopau by Kriebstein Castle, Saxony